The X-ray Diffraction Laboratory maintains one of the best equipped X-ray Diffraction Labs in the world. The lab maintains 2 Micro-focus IuS sources, a Venture PHOTON 3, QUEST PHOTON 3, Bruker single-crystal Photon 100 duo (microsource/sealed-tube), Bruker single crystal APEX CCD Diffractometer, 1 Bruker Quest ECO Photon 2 diffractometer, and 5 Bruker powder diffractometers

Instrument Status Low Temp Comments
Venture UP 110K Micro-focus Copper source IuS CPAD Photon III detector
Quest UP 110K Micro-focus Molybdenum source IuS CPAD Photon III detector..
Synergy-S Duo UP 100K Molybdenum/Copper source HPC detector
Synergy-S Ag UP 110K SIlver Source  Dectris Eiger 2 detector
APEX2 UP RT Micro-focus Copper source IuS and sealed tube Mo CMOS detector
Quest ECO UP RT Molybdemum source Photon II detector (room 027 Teaque)
POWDER-SA Down RT Bragg-Brentano : Theta/2Theta : Lynxeye Detector    waiting for X-ray tube
POWDER-LA Down RT-1000C Bragg-Brentano : Theta/2Theta :Lynxeye Detector, MTC oven... waiting for X-ray tube
POWDER-ECO Up RT Bragg-Brentano : Theta/Theta : Lynxeye Detector XT
POWDER-DAVINCI Up RT Bragg-Brentano and Parallel : Lynxeye Detector XTE
POWDER-ENDEAVOR Up RT Combinatorial analysis : Lynxeye Detector XTE

POWDER_LA BRUKER D8-Vario and MTC oven X-ray Powder Diffractometer


POWDER_ECO BRUKER D8-Focus Bragg-Brentano X-ray Powder Diffractometer


POWDER_DAVINCI BRUKER D8-Focus Bragg-Brentano/Parallel X-ray Powder Diffractometer


POWDER_ENDEAVOR BRUKER Combinatorial D8- Bragg-Brentano X-ray Powder Diffractometer


POWDER_SA BRUKER D8-Focus Bragg-Brentano X-ray Powder Diffractometer


Venture BRUKER-AXS CPAD IuS copper source kappa X-ray Diffractometer


Quest BRUKER-AXS CPAD IuS molybdenum source three-circle X-ray Diffractometer


APEX22 BRUKER-AXS Duo Mo/Cu micro-source APEX-II CCD 3-thircle X-ray Diffractometer

Quest ECO

  QUEST ECO BRUKER-AXS Duo Mo Photon III 3-thircle X-ray Diffractometer

Synergy  Rigaku Duo Mo/Cu micro-source HPC Kappa X-ray Diffractometer

Synergy  Rigaku Ag Eiger 2 source Kappa X-ray Diffractometer