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Welcome for all New X-ray Diffraction Users

All qualified Texas A & M University employees and visiting scholars may use the facilities provided they have completed the required X-ray safety and instrument training and have the approval of the Department of Chemistry and their supervisor.

All Industrial Users goto the All Users link (to the left) for more information.

To get started you should know what you require from X-ray Diffraction (powder or single crystal) and what you have (a crystal, powder, solid etc.) to analyze.

To answer some of these questions start with the FAQ section of this web site.

You may want to use X-ray Diffraction if

  1. You want a molecular or extended structure and you have a large (> 100 micron) single crystal
  2. You have a crystalline powder and you want to determine its powder pattern
  3. You have a solid that is semi-crystalline and you want to characterize it

How to Access the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory and Use the X-ray Instrumentation

1.  Complete On-line Training ---> Follow this link to the On-line Training

2.  Complete all Necessary Forms

3.  Have your advisor sign the Key Request Form and the Building Security Form and bring all four forms to room 2408 for the signature of the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory Manager.

4.  Register and aggree to the policies and procedures of the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory.




Getting Help

Use the Help Desk link (to the left) to find start a help session.








Need more information? Use the All Users link (to the leftt)