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You may access the reservation calendar from the "tamu.edu" domains only!

Use VPN to access the reservation calendar off of campus.

Please select the Reservation Calendar for the instrument your wish to use.

Full instructions on how to use the reservation calendar is given in the reservation tutorial.

Calendar   :     All Reservation Calendars

Calendar   :     Powder Diffractometer Short Arm (POWDER_SA)
Calendar   :     Powder Diffractometer Long Arm (OVEN, POWDER_LA)
Calendar   :     Powder Diffractometer ECO (POWDER_ECO)  
Calendar   :     Powder Diffractometer Davinci (POWDER_DV)  
Calendar   :     APEX21 (APEXII room 2409 D8 enclosure 1)  
Calendar   :     GADDS room 2409 
Calendar   :     APEX22 (APEXII room 1420 D8 enclosure 2 west wall)  
Calendar   :     APEX23 (APEXII room 1420 SMART enclosure east wall)  
Calendar   :     QUEST (D8 QUEST room 2409,  Mo source)
Calendar   :     Venture (D8 Venture room 2409, Cu source)

APPLY for a reservation account. 

Powder Diffractometers

d8focus X-ray Powder Diffractometer (short arm room 2407)

d8vario X-ray Powder Diffractometer (long arm room 2407)

ECO X-ray Powder Diffractometer (ECO room 2407)






Single Crystal Diffractometers

ws3 APEX21 CCD (Mo) APEX21 room 2409

ws4 GADDS (Cu) MWPC room 2409

quest QUEST (Mo) CMOS IuS room 2409

Venture Venture (Cu) CMOS IuS room 2409







Single-Crystal Diffractometers

apexii_iii APEX22 D8 enclosure (Mo and IuS Cu) room 1420

ws5 APEX23 SMART enclosure (Mo) room 1420